DSP Retro

DSP Retro specializes to recreate a wide variety of Retro-Game sounds from Plaformer to Shoot ‘em Up using procedural audio (real-time sound synthesis). It also allows you to export your work towards game audio middleware and game creation tools.

DSP Retro Screenshot 01

  • Platform: Windows
  • Release date: March 2014
  • Developer: Tsugi

Exactly like DSP Anime I was in charge to prototype and design each sounds then assigned some parameters to allow adequate control for the users. It was a really fun task to recreate these sound from iconic video games, in addition to the fact that our graphic designer at Tsugi created special retro game animations (see Quick Overview video below) so I was able to hear if my sounds sound right or not.

Available on Tsugi’s Website

DSP Retro Screenshot 02

DSP Retro Screenshot 03

DSP Retro Screenshot 04