GameSynth is a sound design tool that uses the latest advances in procedural audio to help you create amazing sound effects. It offers many unique features aimed at game and movie production, like the automatic generation of sound variations.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Release date: 2018
  • Developer: Tsugi

GameSynth is a set of modular and extensible synthesisers that can also be integrated to your game as a powerful audio middleware (with a run-time engine). It comes with specialized models full of unique features, such as Impact / Contact, Whoosh, Retro, Modular, Particles and more.

I was in charge of creating presets for different models, particularly for the particles model. I used and design sounds from my personal sound library and record some other sounds for specific ideas I had. Since the particles model use granular synthesis, I tried to created some realistic patches but it’s also really easy to totally twist your sound and create a new one that’s totally unrelated. The VoiceFX module is a derivated from the one used in Alto where I also created the presets. In this case you can create a chain of different effects (eq, comp, flanger, ring modulator…) to easily process your vocal sounds into robots, aliens or all kinds of creatures.

Available on Tsugi’s Website

GameSynth Screenshot 01

GameSynth Screenshot 02

GameSynth Screenshot 03