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Project Details

  • Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux and iOS
  • Release date: November 2014
  • Developers:  Bulwark Studios
  • Game Engine: Unity 3D
  • Audio Engine: Fmod Studio
  • Sound Team: Michel Beignets, AddSounds and me


Crowntakers is a Tactical-RPG with rogue-like elements which is set  in a medieval-fantastic world. The game alternate exploration with random events, merchants, inventory management… and turn-based combat.

It was a freelance remote work  and my job was to create, design and integrate (in Fmod Studio) most of the battle sounds (attacks, skills…) and the ambiances for the exploration part of the game. I am especially proud of the system we created for the ambiances. The game has a day/night cycle and a basic weather system for rain. For instance the rain affects of course the background layer (filter and volume) but it trigger additional one shot sounds while other is turn off. Finally the rain will affect other things in the game like footsteps and music.

Official Trailer

Available on Steam