How to control Wwise with MIDI and your DAW

Reaper Wwise Screenshot

Hello fellow game sound designers !

Wwise 2014.1 is out with a ton of cool new features so I wanted to explore what the MIDI implementation has to offer.

I tried to connect Reaper and Wwise with MIDI to trigger events and control RTPCs. You need a software to manage a virtual MIDI IO between your DAW and Wwise. Audiokinetic recommends Tobias Erichsen’s loopMIDI for Windows.

I had some fun when I made this video, especially the part where I control Soundseed Air Wind with AudioGaming’s Audiowind. It,s a bit absurd to control a procedural wind generator with another procedural wind generator. but well :).

Finally I just focused on how to setup things, so you can easily go further, and I am confident that it will work with the DAW of your choice.

It’s cool to see that the gap between traditional DAW and middleware is reduced thanks to those new features !